About Craft Beer Gigs

Craft Beer Gigs is a brewing industry specific job board and community.

To put it one way, we’re a job board for the brewing industry… but we’re not your typical, run-of-the-mill job board. We’ve doubled down on community and helping the best breweries and brewery people have the best hiring experience.

In building this site, we focused on the specific things for the brewing industry that a generic, one-size-fits-all platform couldn’t possibly take care of.

CBG is an intentionally small, simple business.

Terry Godier, CBG Founder

CBG is just me, Terry Godier. I'm a software engineer by trade (that’s how I built this site).

More than that, I’m a dad (of 3!) and I’ve been home brewing for about as long as I could legally drink beer.

I’ve got aspirations of owning my own brewery some day, and CBG is a huge part of that dream.

I make this site from my basement office in Wisconsin.

The simplest products are the most fun to use, and I’ve taken every opportunity to make using CBG fast, fun, and easy.

CBG does brewery jobs and brewery jobs only. We don’t have events, we don’t run an editorial department or deal with any other industries.

Do you know who answers support emails? Me. Do you know who writes the code to fix that problem? Also me. And I care about doing right by the breweries we work with and helping people find meaningful work in the industry.