Production Manager

We are seeking a Production Manager to oversee all aspects of beer production - from planning and scheduling of brews, to procurement, to recipe development, to analyzing efficiency and profitability - in our large and growing Craft Brewery in the Port of LA. This is a Salaried (OT-Exempt) position with Benefits (health, vision, and dental; two weeks paid time off).
BreweryBrouwerij West
LocationLos Angeles, Los Angeles
Employment TypeFull Time
Pay Range62,500.00/year
Summary Our Production Manager reports directly to and works closely with our Brewmaster and Chief Executive Officer, as well as our Company President. The Production Manager is accountable for all aspects of the beer planning and production process, including quality control and management of brewhouse productivity and profitability. The role requires professional autonomy, a high level of expertise, thorough attention to detail, significant personnel management capability, and the ability to oversee our production line and brewhouse staff across all phases of our brewing process. Job Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: Brewing Production Oversight, Management, and Planning: • Manage and coordinate brewing schedule based on understanding of production times and demand from wholesale distribution and tasting room by working with Sales and Tasting Room department heads, while also planning for proper yeast management • Manage inventory of finished product, allocating between distribution and tasting room to maintain freshness and diversity in all sales channels. • Work with Brewing Team at all stages of the brewing and packaging processes to ensure quality of finished product. • Create brew tickets for all brews using existing templates, modifying them as necessary based on raw material availability and any needed adjustments to maintain QC specs. • Continually improve production processes to achieve and enhance the quality of beer and hard seltzer. • Work with Brewmaster, Lead Brewer, and Director of Cellar Operations to formulate new recipes, taking into consideration both budget and current market trends in both distribution and tasting room. • Work with contract brewing clients, which can include coordinating the brewing schedule while balancing the needs of client and Brouwerij West, working with contract brewing clients to convert recipes provided for production on Brouwerij West brewhouse, developing costing for client, and communicating with the client throughout development and production to ensure a satisfied contract brewing outcome. • Coordinate and stay in constant communication with management team to forecast brewery costs and ensure profitability of brewing operations. • Work with the Director of Cellar Operations and Lead Brewer to ensure production SOPs stay up-to-date and help to create new ones as needed. • Develop and implement effective communication channels with the production staff, including keeping them informed of important company updates and getting their feedback on a regular basis. • Review labor data regularly to ensure production team is staffed efficiently and appropriately, including reviewing and approving time cards on a biweekly basis. Production Site and Equipment Oversight • Manage and oversee Brewing/Production Department warehouse usage and organization to ensure efficient use of space and to accommodate other department needs, including Tasting Room and Events. • Work with Lead Brewer and Director of Cellar Operations to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and organization throughout the brewery. • Track and manage preventative and required maintenance schedules for all equipment used in production, including scheduling and coordination with government agencies and service providers for annual inspections of equipment, as needed. • Commission and source additional production equipment as needed in coordination with management, Lead Brewer, and Director of Cellar Operations. Product Development • Work on all aspects of product development and formulation, including recipe formulation, package design, and materials procurement. • Coordinate and collaborate with management, vendors, and designers to bring product vision to reality while always maintaining high-quality standards. • Manage collaborative projects with other breweries, which can include recipe formulation, communication with collaboration partners, materials procurement, and scheduling. Procurement of Raw Materials • Procure all raw materials, chemicals, and other supplies required to create the finished beer and hard seltzer products, as well as materials for other departments as needed, e.g., fruit for slushies in the Tasting Room. • Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with all suppliers of raw materials, packaging, and brewing equipment, and identify new suppliers to find competitive prices. • Manage contracts for hops and other raw materials by developing annual forecasts based on available data and planning. • Travel to and visit suppliers, particularly hop suppliers, when required, to select hops and other raw materials. Brewery Software Management • Handle and ensure that all brewing and production information is entered into the Brewery’s enterprise software system, Orchestrated Beer (“OBeer”) • This includes: creating new brands, creating and managing Production Orders, recording all movement and usage of raw materials, finished product inventory and movement, and creating purchase orders. • Work with the Accounting Department to ensure all information is entered correctly and continually develop and improve procedures • Supervise weekly/month-end/year-end inventories of brewery raw materials and finished goods • Pull reports from OBeer - and work with other Departments - to develop forecasts for planning and scheduling brews and procurement. Required Experience/Job Qualifications: • Minimum 2+ years supervisory experience in a production environment. • Minimum 1+ years experience managing a team and having leadership responsibilities. • Strong knowledge running a production line and implementing quality assurance schemes. • Proven ability to use best manufacturing practices to improve a production operation. • Experience in the craft beer or other alcoholic beverage production strongly preferred. • Formal brewing education preferred but not required • Knowledge of OSHA and safety standards • Enterprise software experience strongly preferred. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Proficient in Microsoft/Google office suite; Excel/Sheets, Word/Doc, Mail etc. • Comprehensive knowledge of the beer brewing process, including an understanding of underlying scientific principles governing fermentation and the ability to perform blending and brewing calculations. • Strong understanding of process controls. • Excellent planning, organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. • Strong work ethic and ability to multitask and adapt to changing priorities. • Attention to detail and accuracy crucial. • Basic understanding of and ability for simple troubleshooting of all equipment used in production, including steam plant, water plant, glycol systems, brewhouse, cellar, packaging equipment, and more. This is a full-time, salaried position with starting pay at $62,500/year, plus medical, dental, and vision benefits, and two weeks of paid time off. Qualified candidates will be required to interview in person in Los Angeles, CA if selected. Please e-mail your resume and cover letter PDF to Brouwerij West is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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