Brew Master

Celis Brewery is looking to hire a Brewmaster to oversee all brewery operations and personnel. This person should have strong organizational and interpersonal skills with a track record of managing all production brewing operations at facility of 5,000 annual BBLs or larger. Formal brewing training is a large plus in consideration.
LocationAUSTIN, TX
Employment TypeFull Time
Pay RangeNot disclosed
We love being a team at Celis, working together to produce delicious beers & creating an environment for craft beers lovers to celebrate & all to feel welcome. There’s nothing better than being part of a community that cheers together. Core duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: - Leadership, management, and scheduling of all production employees to foster a friendly, professional, and collaborative production team - Creation and execution of brewing, cellaring, and packaging schedules - Procurement, with the assistance of the Manager of Inventory and Warehousing, of all brewery materials - Forecasting finished goods inventory needs with the input of other senior management - Knowledge and capability to perform, write SOP’s for, and train personnel on all brewery processes, including but not limited to: o Brewhouse operation and wort production on a fully automated BrauKon 40 HL brewhouse o Data tracking with in-house spreadsheets, brew logs, and Ekos software o Raw materials assessment and handling o Yeast planning, propagation, and harvesting for serial re-pitching with counting and viability measurement o Dry hopping of beer utilizing a BrauKon HopGun o CIP of all brewhouse and cellar equipment and general cleanliness tasks o Daily fermentation tracking measurements and logging o Processing of beer via a centrifuge, inline carbonator, and flash pasteurizer o Packaging on a COMAC canning and keg lines - Creation of all new brands from conceptualization to a finished product in collaboration with senior management - Oversight of all QA/QC protocols and maintenance of sanitary standards. - Creation of preventative maintenance schedule and ensure all equipment is performing adequately - Manage contract brewing operations, including scheduling, change management, and relationship management - Foster continued improvement of all processes to improve ease of use, finished product quality, and cost of goods sold - Strong mechanical aptitude to assist in troubleshooting of all equipment issues, including ancillary equipment such as glycol chillers, boilers, and air compressors - Be a brand ambassador for Celis Brewery at public events - Hold regular meetings and other forms of communication for alignment of staff to company and production initiatives - Advocate for and provide assistance in continued education of all production staff in brewing sciences - Create and maintain production team sensory analysis program Qualified candidates will possess the following: - A Bachelor’s degree is required (with a preference for a focus in brewing-science adjacent fields like biology, chemistry, engineering, etc..) - 2+ years of management in a production brewing setting is required - 7+ years of production brewing experience with graduating levels of responsibility is highly desired - Formal training in brewing sciences, either via undergraduate studies, certification, trade schools, or graduate level work is highly desired - Experience with brewing-focused ERP software (i.e. Ekos, OrchestratedBeer, etc..) is helpful - A strong focus and history of prioritizing employee safety - Experience in creating and maintaining SOP’s - Materials procurement and inventory management experience - Experience in scheduling the creation of beer from RM procurement to finished goods shipping - Experience with contract brewing relationship management - Ability to lift 55lbs to approximately waist high and tilt or push up to 200lbs - Ability to work for extended periods of time in a physical setting, requiring extended standing, lifting, twisting, and being exposed to hot and cold environments - Experience with Excel/Sheets and Word - Commitment to quality and collaboration - Extremely strong communication and leadership traits - Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills - Ability to multi-task and manage time effectively - Flexibility in schedule with early mornings or late evenings as needed to assist in production - Ability to enjoy alcohol without abusing it Benefits: - Pay is dependent upon experience - Paid holidays and time off - Company provided health, dental, and vision insurance option with company contribution - Relocation assistance

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