Area Sales Manager - Southern IL

Revolution Brewing, your favorite craft beer proudly brewed right here in the midwest, is hiring an Area Sales Manager to share the story of our brewery in Southern Illinois.
BreweryRevolution Brewing
LocationPeoria, IL
Employment TypeFull Time
Pay Range50,000.00 - $55,000.00/year
Qualifications • You'll have 3-5 years working for a beer wholesaler or supplier within the Illinois 3-tier market, with a Bachelor’s degree OR equivalent combination of education and experience. • You'll be more than proficient pulling data to analyze in Excel to create your own sales plan that works with the quarterly bonus goals. • A reliable car is a must, as you'll travel around all of central & southern IL to different local markets. • Able to adjust your schedule to work samplings and festivals (so sometimes Tuesday-Saturday or a 2pm-10pm day). •Working nights and weekends is part of beer and you’ll need to adjust from your typical 9-5 hours. • You'll already have experience successfully meeting sales goals, prioritizing independent tasks, and handling multiple projects. • You have to be able to maneuver 35-pound cases, as well as maneuver and place full kegs, as part of the job.

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